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Miami,   Florida

"The apartment (condo) has been like a real home for us these past four months.  We weren't in need        of a single item or amenity - EVERYTHING was provided and perfect!  You decorated                             spectacularly all is  bright and beautiful!  There is an air of sophistication, but yet you can relax                and feel cozy.  Thank you  so much for your hospitality.  We hope to come back someday! "                   Rick & Summer ( New York )

  "Time spent at Cocostyle in Coconut Grove is delightful.  The beauty and excitement of the Grove is      just  outside the door, and, with spectacular weather, everything was enjoyable.   This is a                         comfortable and  spacious condo, with all the essentials provided , in a most stylish manner.  I                  enjoyed the easy access to beautiful beaches, cafes, shopping and sightseeing. "                                           Richard J. ( Boston, MA)

   "Thanks for creating the perfect retreat for a weary, homeless traveler like myself.  I don't think I've          ever  felt so comfortable or at home in another's abode.  I will never forget your gracious                           hospitality."  
          Best wishes, Sue W. (Sarasota, Florida) 

   "My stay here in Miami was very pleasant, and exciting because I had the benefit of living at Maricel's        apartment.  It's a great location, splendid amenities, comfortable to live in.  You feel like home,                 with  the benefit of having someone always looking out for your stay.  Thanks lots! Definitely                 will come back."
           Mauricio C. (Chicago, Illinois)

    "Dear Maricel, It was great to stay at your loft.  Everything we needed was here.  You are always a            phone call away for help if needed.  You are a lot of fun to work with.  The workers male and                  female are all friendly people.  Thank you so much for everything.  Love Bruce and Wilhelmina            Family (Michigan)    P.S. we were here for three months and I would come back if I needed to."  

    "Thank you for the use of your beautiful condo.  You did a nice job decorating it.  We enjoyed the           convenient location and stress free parking.  We plan to return to the Grove." 
         Ann V., CPA and Randy B. K. (Wellesley,  MA)